Wasabi Pee

we sat by the river and drank beers and wasabi peas and it was nice

we had nice beers and bar with funny gallery talk with christopher and paulie and jokes and normal and no pharell

we got to have really really drunk order too much dinner too

the next lovely morning there was the Schaulager visit
which reminds me of Emily Feingold and Shau, her lawn ornament

weiner for breakfast

their building is sweet

inside too
and we saw paul mccarthy!

robert gober drainage world
i wasnt allowed to take photos and these were the only i could escondito

this room as unguarded
talk about ART AND FEAR

this piece rules

this was confusing

it doesnt look like an injury, so what is it?

the swiss are weird
i’ve nicknamed teh chubby blonde at the hotel HILDEGAARD who was really rude to me when my room key didnt work
she told me i must be doing it wrong and she would come show me
i told her i had been coming to the hotel for three years and knew how to use the hotel key and that she could stick it

i am testy with the swiss
i dont know why
i wish i was not!
it is terribly unflattering

now we are at LISTE

bear in mind i am only taking photos of the 1% best stuff there

which should tell you somethin

NIEVES thing was genuinely pretty cool

james fuentes

not this work, obviously, but the MEAN and MEDIAN too i suppose for liste was TRIANGLE WITH STRING ON IT

lets go to VOLTA and see what their mean and median is

lets rid the pig train!

it was in a new venue this year “the largest concrete dome in existence”
(“that hasnt caved in yet”)

nancy reagan’s at Zieher smith were cool


you be the judge
i am outta opinions

everyone wants my opinion and i just want kissing and loving

dagmar de pooter dagmar de pooter we are gettin close


blerg too much f’art

these are evan’s kinda guys

my head is spinnin from all this constant LOOKING

lets get outta here!

lets drink four beers ready?

no peeing

only multiracial friendships

no hippie drum circles

and now we are caught up!

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