ah, a June of my jeunesse
will quickly fly by
especially after i get on a plane for Erp tomorrow

i have 119 photos since i last checked and that is too many for you
or me
or even pat so i will go fast

my hot little hand is at a new museum Rhizome benefit i mentioned in the last post

this is Dara Birnbaum one of the honorees, one of the first. her talk was great she said how blog culture and faceyspaces and twits are contributing to a lack of real engagement with the internet and its true!
you wouldnt read this if it were just two page essays on digital culture
heck, i wouldnt write this either!

but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do
this is xylor and tauba donations from the auction

we could see our old studio building from the roof

it was rainy

look at these sauces!
i love food when it borders on unappetizing because of aesthetic decisions

this was a performance we had to leave though

they have a mail order monsters elevator which im sure you already know

pat and i had a funeral to catch so we started drivin

5 hours later

we were in rural pennsylvania sleepin here

fitting for pervy pat

this is funeral pat. i wish he hadnt been to so many funerals in his life
this was my first one and i was glad he was there with me

lots of crying and comiserating and rituals to make people feel better that mostly worked

we went by Grandma’s house in Mine 40 one last time
when i was a kid in school other kids would tease me that my parents looked like grandparents (because they had me when they were 40 and 50 respectively) and that fact is not lost to me now, very painfully not lost on me

these were my granma’s parents
two people who look like they could put the fear of god in you

i think this is my grandma’s aunt and uncle, the uncle who wouldnt come to america on the boat with the other russians because he had pink eye and had to ride the goat back to the village. but i dont quite remember that story very well, i only know that this painting/photo thing, whatever it is, is awesome

this photo of my cousin Trishy is awesome

billy always wore an Angels hat as a 4th grader

old things

newly old things

these are my grandpa’s bronzed coal mining boots
he was a miner who died of coal mining lung problems almost 40 years ago

one interesting thing i found out as her son, my uncle Tony, was giving the church service is that Grandma apparently had me and my brother secretly baptized against my parents wishes

this is my uncle when he was ordained; granma looks so proud of him!
she usually always sticks her tongue out in photos
i have about a hundred photos of her sticking her tongue out

this is the curtain pattern from my childhood kitchen that i remember distinctly because i found it so perplexing as a child

my grandma is the one on the left that looks so young and skinny and knobby teen awkward

this is Mine 40 where she spend most of her life

this is what it looked like when the mine was still open

i can’t even begin to pretend to imagine

again me being glad patrick is there with me

we stopped at a weird souvenir store

the long drive back

sleepy blues brother

drooly blues brother

i claim this photo as half mine at least
pat says otherwise

this is stuck in my head and i dont know what to do with it

more photos might help hold on one sec

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