i’m into outdated bird names today

when the kite builds, look to lesser linen

i took this lark for a bunting

choughs that wing the midway air
dive-dapper is a cute one
jackdaws what else?

pat and i had ants in our pants last night and went to times square for no reason
a lapwing enticing us away from our original purpose

snipes and wagtails everywhere

i got a flat tire and we had to walk from 42nd back to 2nd

with one pit stop

one of them has birds in it

Papageno was in my head and started to mix with the Macarena so i had to youtube it and get it straight in my head


those cant really be birds

white house black market

i used to like shopping there as a teen
a yuppie yuppie teen

i have that dumb michael jackson song in my head now that i realized all my photos except this one Unica Zurn thing are monochrome

dark spring
so far

dash and i walked over to Drawing Center this mornin to see the Unica Zurn show
now sheild your eyeys for the coming onslaught of black and white

this arrived

a whole crapload!!!

this show was too crowded last night to see the art

banks on it

i was talking on the phone and taking photos and dropping things outta my purse

the press release said “cinematic”


death disco

Don’t Tell Me You Agree With Me
When I Saw You Kicking Dirt In My Eye


graphite on… what is that thing?

the salted hog

i thought the show was OK. i have already heard diametrically opposed responses from my friends

video playing was whatever but dont you kinda like the sculptural presentation?

jose helped me go through possibilities for New York Minute

alex too, he has a nice Jar Jar painting on his screen in this photo actually

i should probably stop calling Gardar Jar Jar, i really just find it so funny, for no reason, i dont know if i can really stop now

hey whats this cool new website?
there is so much interesting stuff on it like my bare butt

hey what is this similar looking but obviously totally unrelated new website?

It’s Black, It’s White
It’s Tough For You
To Get By
It’s Black , It’s White, Hoo

lime disease

my stomach is in agony
cinco de mayo is the worst holday for sensitive tums

i feel like it is full of flaming spike balls

seriously. lime juice tequila and hot hot salsa. that is all that is in there still from last night
i tried barfing but much to my annoyance i never learned how to make myself barf
or as kembra would phrase it, i never learned to “do bulimia”

i got this art in the mail
you should buy some too
this guy Yuichi Yokoyama is so awesome
buy yours here

the secret is out on Yokoyama

why is this on the wall of the new Duane Reade?
i will use this quote when i have to defend New York Minute to critics

what else is going on in my iphoto

walking home yesterday with the now-painful bags of limes and grapefruits

cuttin up fruits

boiling green tomatoes and tomatillos and jalapenos
oh im in even more agony looking at this

this industrial size cuisinart is the best, thanks sean!
i’m gonna be eating fucking green death salsa for weeks

we had some people over even though we tried to cancel our party due to inclement weather

i tried to print out sheets about the history of cinco de mayo but patrick shamed me into not doing that

everyone knows that it is not mexican independance day right

that is about all you need to know

this is patrick with my hair

this is me facinated with what i thought were “zombie packman” on naomi’s skirt

did i mention the Montana guy came to our party? all the boys wanted to impress him
this is this morning

also this mornin
setting up Jonathan Borofsky


met a-ron in the part to talk about New York Minute
pupil check
just kidding

caught with the meat in his mouth

alex made a nice drawing for Secret

the fires of hell
i’m hopping in them!

cat’s nouns

this isnt a good blog so dont get excited

had sushi with aurel who orders weird things like this that is only a few poles short of being a thatched hut

She then went to Sarah Glick’s 30th birthday at China Chalet and took things and licked walls and people and danced all night while Pat and i went home to question our old-fogeyness

the next night was the Francesco Clemente opening and instead of going to the dinner we went home to ponder our old-fogeyness

clayton caught us on camera before we left and i guess we dont look that old..

maybe we are just in work mode, or in –gag– couple mode
please let us not be in that

this kathy weekend of sunday and monday we stayed in and made artworks and played dress up and cleaned out our closets

our closets made us lots of cash at Beacon’s Closet and that other one what is it called? american. no Buffalo Exchange

i saw two rats humping in the subway but they stopped by the time i got my camera out

and these books came in the mail today

how lame am i? that was my weekend
and we were going to have a big Cinco de Mayo party today but we cancelled it due to the impenetrable, interminable rain that has been peltin new york city

whats with the above?

i think they are all things contained “in a new york minute”!

oh! here is at least one cool thing
the i-D came out with the Fran piece i wrote

i am very excited. as i think you know i get to be their new art editor over at i-D and will be making lots of articles for them and having a grand ol’ time

and some icing on the cake!
i remember ben telling me these when i went up years ago for that ANP magazine article in the before-time
i hope they make you as excited as they did me!

America’s most wanted (dishwasher size)

i finished this this morning and am the happiest thingie

but lets not start there

these dogs are still sleeping, i shit you not

they have been asleep since before i left for rome

went to Abby Scholar’s love letter show pat and i were in

here is a little link

terence sent it to me saying “kathy can poot ants in your pants”

douglas gordon one

abby portners i think

shit i cant remember everyones

that one is pat’s to me

that one is mine to pat

dont worry you read these before

terence and garrick joint one

real charles manson one

anna nicole smith

hot n heavy!

next is another hot cramped area but this time a bigger fire hazard:

SVA open studios BFA program yay

it really is a “school” isnt it

text message exchange as art

crowd pleaser

who doesnt love some tree nips??

there is something really selfindulgent about these that i liked

oh no its “awkwardness art”

where feeling awkward is part of the art

also known as embarrassment art

also known as “run away!”

i snuck a photo in the side peep hole

look how few people are holding in their guts

stuffed cloak bag of guts!

tara donovan art

this i liked

he mexicaned dan flavin


abstraction and jokes is good

patrick has a teen friend who goes here

a graffiti teen

i forget his name deliberately

all the teen boys like porn

i had a friend Lindsay Marshall in college whose dad, to my horror, had one of these in his pool room

from far away it was a portrait of Bill Clinton

this piece was great


one of my favourite words

some stoner art i couldnt back up enough to shoot

a static piece



best in show!

these i liked too

pat was hurrying me out so i couldnt look too long

i think they are ink on paper

i think this is an artist but i didnt have a chance to ask her about them


this was funny

this i loved for simple reasons

reminds me of Komar and Melamid’s Peoples Choice paintings

youve all read about this in art history right?

one last “holy shit” piece and we are out

what has become of todays yoots

this is the spaghetti and meatballs i made before adding the sauce

this is NERO magazine who is having a big festival called DISSONANZA soon in rome that Terence and Cory are in!

and joy of joys! i am so happy to be done

did it turn out good?

it has 4 paintings that go with it

now i just have to paint the four and the group will look so nice!

i hope

oh and just to fucking gild the lilly today…

fuck yes

“not that i care about artforum reviews”

“but this is stupendous!!!!”