women in love

the travel thing was totally my fault
and it worked out fine in the end and a magic cheap ticket appeared out of nowhere

like this pizza last night
patrick lets himself eat cheese when he goes to europe because often we are in coutries where he would starve on paltry insalata mistas if he didnt add some fromage
but in anticipation of our journey he has prematurely turned into cheese mits and his veganation is out the window!

pat and i are going home to DC for my grandma’s funeral tomorrow night

i was going to post some photos of her and talk about her but it doenst feel right

maybe later. i was really close with her growing up; she lived wtih us and my parents were always at work

i didnt talk to her much once i went to college and the couple years following that when i was a fucked up beast girl

and now that i am on my own feet nicely she is gone. i wish patrick could have known her before she started losing her memory and awareness because she was pugnacious and had great curse words.

im reading Women in Love its such a peculiar book. i want to make a video triptych of it how gay is that

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