Flood Damage

scamps to chelsea late to Mark’s opening
the weather just keeps getting better and better!

racy lacy


yay patick is here!


jules and joseph and whatever that news dude’s name is. i wanna say Ashton Kutcher but i know thats wrong. what is his dumb old name?

there was a “lo-light” room that was hard to photo
is that painted bubble wrap?

the humor is endless

this is pat’s friend Will who used to be a Mark assistant

this is kadar, a former koh assistant

this is pat, a current ass asistant
and i dont mean asian songs

dont mind if we do

this piece was funny

blair and oral
why is this photo so dark?

its still light outside, see?

patrick and zefrey who just staged a food fight at the Guggenheim seriously he did

oo now we are at Zach F’s lower manhattan apartment for free fud

and some cool art collection

man i wish this photo wasn’t blurry
jules slowly shoveling all the buffet…sigh!
and still skinny minnie
did i mention i am crash dieting because of the Proenza Schouler show?

foss and schutz

jules and joe


zach in the back

i think i know what this is
things like this give me retard tingles

what are we in, bizarro land?
this is the weirdest no parking sign ever

ah, back to chinatown, the land i love, the home of the free and the brave
check out the keyboard

169 Bar for an afterparty for a show we did not attend

tacky surface

teen surface

canal and allen

i think terence is having an event tonight


Matt and Sean

ooh where are we now?

did i forget to warn you that i took TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY PHOTOS last night?

some Amsterdammish girl’s roof

my conversation apparently bored her as she left after 10 minutes to go downstairs. going to sleep i asked? no she said and walked away

oops this photo is outta orden


kathy sits alone

boys make mess

walkin around


i have new red glasses i like them

what is the word for this?

i found my name on one wall. weird!

boys and pipes

i’ve never taken a photo of a homeless person i can say with complete honesty
i can never quite bring myself to
I don’t remember doing it last night

i do remember this weird sod

that is a good word to tie this all up:

“the flood damage made the basement carpet SODDEN”

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