how fitting

tonight! Mark Flood at Zach Feuer 

actually starting right now i gotta go

patrick makes Santigold commission

kathy bounces the ball

what a lovely day!
i wonder what it will hold!

first it held a bunch of bullshit at work
i’m not really down with peoples bad attitudes right now
so if you’ve got one, take a walk 

this is kembra at our glamourous visit to Proenza Schouler workplace
i think my visit there made me a bit sassy
and thus extra intolerant of bad attitudes

i was too afraid to touch anything

this is their view
they are on top of the world
they don’t tolerate bad attitudes either

look at this fabulous dress
they only tolerate fabulousness

with a strong hint of badassness

they invited kembra to be part of their clothes and art presentation in Florence this June 18
kembra is letting me be in her performance again i am so excited
i won’t spoil her special project
i will just tell you her project is called “BOTTOMLESS”
these are Proenza and Schouler fitting a bodacious outfit on her
i won’t even pretend to describe how embarrassed i was being measured for my outfit

my body type is more “women’s rugby team” than “Proenza Schouler fashion event” in case no one has noticed yet

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