lime disease

my stomach is in agony
cinco de mayo is the worst holday for sensitive tums

i feel like it is full of flaming spike balls

seriously. lime juice tequila and hot hot salsa. that is all that is in there still from last night
i tried barfing but much to my annoyance i never learned how to make myself barf
or as kembra would phrase it, i never learned to “do bulimia”

i got this art in the mail
you should buy some too
this guy Yuichi Yokoyama is so awesome
buy yours here

the secret is out on Yokoyama

why is this on the wall of the new Duane Reade?
i will use this quote when i have to defend New York Minute to critics

what else is going on in my iphoto

walking home yesterday with the now-painful bags of limes and grapefruits

cuttin up fruits

boiling green tomatoes and tomatillos and jalapenos
oh im in even more agony looking at this

this industrial size cuisinart is the best, thanks sean!
i’m gonna be eating fucking green death salsa for weeks

we had some people over even though we tried to cancel our party due to inclement weather

i tried to print out sheets about the history of cinco de mayo but patrick shamed me into not doing that

everyone knows that it is not mexican independance day right

that is about all you need to know

this is patrick with my hair

this is me facinated with what i thought were “zombie packman” on naomi’s skirt

did i mention the Montana guy came to our party? all the boys wanted to impress him
this is this morning

also this mornin
setting up Jonathan Borofsky


met a-ron in the part to talk about New York Minute
pupil check
just kidding

caught with the meat in his mouth

alex made a nice drawing for Secret

the fires of hell
i’m hopping in them!

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