cat’s nouns

this isnt a good blog so dont get excited

had sushi with aurel who orders weird things like this that is only a few poles short of being a thatched hut

She then went to Sarah Glick’s 30th birthday at China Chalet and took things and licked walls and people and danced all night while Pat and i went home to question our old-fogeyness

the next night was the Francesco Clemente opening and instead of going to the dinner we went home to ponder our old-fogeyness

clayton caught us on camera before we left and i guess we dont look that old..

maybe we are just in work mode, or in –gag– couple mode
please let us not be in that

this kathy weekend of sunday and monday we stayed in and made artworks and played dress up and cleaned out our closets

our closets made us lots of cash at Beacon’s Closet and that other one what is it called? american. no Buffalo Exchange

i saw two rats humping in the subway but they stopped by the time i got my camera out

and these books came in the mail today

how lame am i? that was my weekend
and we were going to have a big Cinco de Mayo party today but we cancelled it due to the impenetrable, interminable rain that has been peltin new york city

whats with the above?

i think they are all things contained “in a new york minute”!

oh! here is at least one cool thing
the i-D came out with the Fran piece i wrote

i am very excited. as i think you know i get to be their new art editor over at i-D and will be making lots of articles for them and having a grand ol’ time

and some icing on the cake!
i remember ben telling me these when i went up years ago for that ANP magazine article in the before-time
i hope they make you as excited as they did me!

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