tilting at windmills

i am going to guess that has some sort of quixotic etymology?
wait i will google it
i was right

all i have to show for myself: knowing etymologies.

i have been having lo self esteem recently, “lo”

it almost never gets to me, but the creative classes here are really really competitive; everyone vying for attention, everyone competing to look good, be cool, make the rounds. what a cliche. but if you dont live here you may not know.

this is not in reference to these specific people at all of course! their photo just happend to pop up first!

and i never think about it because i feel on top of things like that…. but right now i don’t, and i feel really trampled underfoot

not by rafael of course

but this new feeling had something to do with waking up and biking to Nikki’s house for some photo shoot for NYMagazine, hearing about who is in PAPER’s beautiful people issue, talking about that stupid new museum show, blah blah blah, and having too much champagne and feeling on the outside of something i normally wouldnt.

ever have that not-so-cool feeling?
just kidding. at least at the gallery i don’t feel like such a loser

setting up for some spring GREENE-ing

eats, shoots, and leaves!

i dont know why my panties are in such a bunch
i will unbunch them by tomorrow i promise

maybe i should try doing a sit-up or two

or buying fancy underwear
what do regular people do when they feel like this?

go out and hump randomly?

MATT GREENE opens this Saturday at Grand Street 6-9PM!

this was some guy outside LIT
i wonder if he agonizes about feeling like he is falling behind the coolness struggle

speaking of staying on top of one’s game:

this greeted me on the bike to work outside our building

at least someone knows how to stay ahead and get attention

meanwhile: my crowd is filling out slowly but surely

i think it needs more drips
i think i need to spend more than one hour a day doing this

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