camera bat has been uncharged a bit, only have some tidbits

like going to kembra’s favourite artist Leroy Nieman’s FEMLIN show!

my favourite

i have a new spring purse

i made patrick the fucking best orange fakechicken ever last night

yum i am at work and hungry and have no money

this is from my dorky brother’s iphoto

this is the kind of comic my dorky brother would like

so the real action is tonight; terence opening a big piss pot at mary boone, rosson opening some texas tea in dallas::

jeffrey just sent me this from his iphone

…jeffrey knows how to use his iphone??

terence sent me this barrage of images he thought would encourage people to come to his show

i assume this is what terence will be wearing tonight

remember to drink a lot of fluids before you come so you can pee on his art


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