april fish

if we were in france we would pull april fish jokes
like taping paper fish to each others backs

im happy we are not in france

this ad is really ill-conceived
it makes the quaker oat man seem like an alien from another planet diabolically planning the earth’s destruction

or is it just me

we went to see Monsters vs. Aliens in 3D
april fools! it wasnt very good

i mean, i loved it, as i love all children’s movies and all animation, but i could with part of my brain objectively tell it wasn’t very good

we had enough to-go cupps o beer to make it enjoyable though

next on our exciting date was Takahatchi but i forgot to take photos of the cool squishies so you get Pat boy bathroom photos

do you guys follow the GOOGLE april foolses BTW?
they arent super funny either but they are dedicated!

oh boy

do the above photos make you wanna pee?

then we went to arrow bar for stefan’s party that cool Nauman invite i posted earlier


what’s with patrick’s new photo face?


to the music



the excepter guy
who i met in 2004 for scott’s k48 klubhouse in brooklyn, one of the first shows i helped make here

pat faked me out in the bathroom

“the only people interested in graffiti are young drug addicts”

if you pull pat’s hat down he falls asleep like a little birdie and you can carry him home

gamblin men

scribblin men

the office smells like red onions today

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