queequeg pequod dogqueefs

im reading Moby Dick its true
did you know there is a character named Peter Coffin in it?

morning bus

pat stayed in philadelphia for spray and just got back
he called me from the wherever they were then and said he wanted to read books and would i help him read books

little did he know this was my big secret dream come true!
like balloons outta the blue!

his first reading list book is Bright Lights Big City since he said he wanted something city and cool-ish

here is jon getting his due. sorry there weren’t any pictures of this show before. it is great and worth a visit!

pitchin a tent

bear in mind this is all kinetic sculpture and video
this guy is getting a butt burn

going for a ride

oily bird

spin cycle

bottled up

the 3D works on paper are neat too

i like the wee art handler middle finger

what are you jabberin on about?

so today i feel like clearning off the assorted desktop images that have been accruing
this is for an awesome party tonight oh man i am psyched

this is this cool sculpture i like

a … peter halley painting that is awesome

jerry hsu via tim barberino

i forgot that terence’s website is amazing too

O ZHANG is a real artist at ASS now go see

i wanna make paintings that just look like this now

tony cox accidentally emailed me this GGD photo

kembra decorated her cookie with her “food markers”

xylors show at canada now

feelin bad every day i am missing it

time to go time to go!

im in this awesome show soon

wow! what a treat!
you might be asking yourself why you havent seen any of my paintings in progress yet on this blog
to which i would reply….

bad dog

and best of all, spring has sprung outside Aurel’s window

these are the bulbs i brought her back from Norway!!!

sweet beef

besides the VB there was an RM and a JK this past weekend!

RM manager JL

we went by Jeremy Kost’s show at Dactyl for his cocktail mid-show party

the lion will not touch the true prince!

RM party custom bartendresses
thou knowest where to have them!

sack and sugar

adult Bar Mitzfah?
what a candy deal of courtesy

to make thee longwinded!

we got there early and snooped
this kinda looks like yummy candy also

holiday and lady terms

RM studio is pretty sweet

ah, sweet beef
rebuke and dead correction wait on us!

the veriest varlet who ever chewed with a tooth

peace, chewet, peace!

Rare words!

Brave world!

sorry i was reading Henry IV part I for the millionth time this weekend

that is the nekst way to give your poor jade the bots!

no quote comes to mind on this one, sorry

hey what are Fran and Takeshi so pleased with?

maybe its:

the cool zines they got from Patrick’s zine sale!

smooth and welcome


an embossed rascal

the better part of valor is discretion