i wanna get free

taxi cops
your undercover enemy
when i think of all the illegal things ive done in cabs i wonder
am i an idiot?

pat and i went to this amazing party last night
i wish i had had a GET A ROPE zine on me to give Clayton.
i could kick myself for all the times i dont have the right thing in my purse to give someone i bump into
i need a bigger purse

it was on the bowery
arons birthday, afterparty for an art show he did with art production fund, weirdo dave birthday, aNYthing rebranding party, whatever
lawless zone

i lent them a projector so simon could do a slideshow
simon of course is back doing the aNYthing glob
and has his own awesome website
dont these guys know how to spell blog?


i had to pee really bad and missed like 3 songs!!!

teddy, aron

teddy was….partying

some guy was doing a liquid light show

patrick all shaved and nice for the bashment
where was nikki???
in dallas texas unfortunately

i would be pissed if someone made me write the names of the sponsors on the wall
theres no way to do it that isnt sucky

but, you know, the people need their vodka
this guy’s name was patrick clean jeans or something like that

why is my tongue so red? why does it look like a second bottom lip?

there are 8 beers hidden on this woman
can you find them???

what is this you ask?

just the glowing whites of the eyes of a little monster joe bradley

too long workin, too long doing what i should. i get all depressed, i want to be pressed against people. i get cabin’d, cribb’d confined and i just gotta get free. am i alone?

I want to break free from your lies
You’re so self satisfied I don’t need you
I’ve want to break free
God knows, God knows I want to break free

I’m gonna get free
I’m gonna get free
I’m gonna get free

You better pray they never see me
Cause if they let me free, prepare for trouble on the streets.
When I get free

Theres no joy in my heart,
Only sorrow
And Im sad
As a man can be
I sit alone in the darkness
Of my lonely room
And this room
Is a prison to me

I look at window
And what to I see
I see a bird
Way up in the tree
I want to be free free
Free – ee – ee – ee
I want to be free
Like the bird in the tree

that was Elvis

blair wants to get free
she had never heard cheeseburger before!
she for those who dont know is the NYC Peres Projects and they show Joe’s art. which is great

I wanna be free
From the love
From the pain
From the heartache

I wanna be free,
Like the bluebirds flying by me,
Like the waves out on the blue sea

the youth

the youth like to take their shirts off

and push

I wanna be free,
Like the warm September wind, babe,
Say you’ll always be my friend, babe,
We can make it to the end, babe,
Again, babe, I’ve gotta say…

“i love you man”
“no i love YOU man”

silly string

silly beer

I wanna be free
And live without warning

humans have lots of songs about this
that was my only point

thank you and goodnight!

a nice spring pee on the way home

a toast to a friend

and passing out before you can get the food outta the fridge
pat is a free artist of himself

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