video rip

if you are easily depressed or despondent especially in the realm of artmaking, DO NOT READ THIS just go back to stalking ex girl or boyfriends on this thing

jeffrey and i went to hear Takeshi talk at EAI it was super

for super busy people it is nice when you are forced to sit down in the dark and you cant leave and you have to just sit there at calm down and thinkfeel

recently i have been thinking about this older piece, CONEATER more

makes brains happy

resembles the structure of the brain too, kinda cscanny

splaining with the EAI guy

pink dot


things we know and love

then this new experiment in pop abstraction

infinite “a new car!” ing

price is right vacuum

more takeshi here

then we went to our favourite vegan restaurant Blossom
not me and jeffrey, me and roland sean and patrick who met me there

peace port seitan

then we made margaritas

listened to some tunes
forgot all about the sinister forces conspiring AS WE SPOKE

walked to work this morning and knew what this was now

then holy canolis what is this turd?
some dude in brooklyn made this for this terrible song called “obvious utensil”

make sure if you click on this link that you turn the sound off first

then this morning takeshi sent me a link to this new monster
about kanye rushing his new video out because of the chairlift one

i will save you the trouble of scrolling back to the post where KANYE WEST came into deitch and saw the Mail Order Monsters show and LOVED takeshi’s video

at least the article mentions takeshi’s name, but it makes it sound like he is “one of the artists using this technique” (which they superannoyingly term “datamoshing”) as opposed to the person who developed the whole thing.

ben and i were working on an essay about biting and copying, sharing and disseminating. looks like we better “rush” our essay now!

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