stud farm

woke up to a faceful of these on Valentines day!
goodmorning sweet cute boyfriend!!!!

wait i am getting ahead of things

this looks like feb 12 dinner

the mad studder

the horny sidekick

for teddy’s BLAND show at ASS

he got shy the next morning

we had a ben honorary lunch

with vegan scones

behind the foolish door

from past events there

many people have come to see the show already
dont YOU want to too?

this looks like special vegan zucchini pasta thing

this looks like the BLAND opening!


better photos and a review


dont grin too much you have to get up early tomorrow and install your art here!

waiting to get the VIP pass to upstairs

the bunny lair

the bun


the catalogue raisonné

the hyper vodka

the sipping sparrow

the meth lab

the sweet pud

what else?

oh no i think we’re going backwards again

we’ve baked cookies now like 5 times

this was a WHILE ago, really stressed out eating vietnamese sammies on 6th ave


shit see? backwards

a pup and a way

i cant find any accent grave on this keyboard so i cant make this joke i had been plannning for like a week


im going to make another post that is for valentines day i guess
i found it!

but now there is too much pressure on the joke

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I am the owner of downtown contemporary art center THE HOLE! I am arts editor at i-D magazine I paint paintings and curate art shows all around

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