the fascinator

was what rosson wore to my opening, apparently

before you see rosson and her studio and her new love of millinery, you have to walk around stefan simchowitz’ cool new house full of art with me

sorry this one is blurry its a cool brian chippendale piece i sold him a while ago

oh, is that a patrick griffin?
“a patrick griffin”
i will have to learn to say this

an old aurel comission and a CF piece he bought after seeing it recommended on this blog
yes its true! you too can buy art that you see on this blog! just email me

you cant buy stefans art though
at least not yet!

another oddly dainty aurel

jim drain

forgot his name but like this piece
a guild and greyschkuller

where he shows the video works when he isn’t screening SLumdog Millionaire for his friends

i popped in just for a second to ruin the suprise by saying “duh, its A, Aramis. doesnt anyone read books anymore??”

the “art garage”

no comment on the Justin Lieberman table

approval for Ryan McGinley (and for jake)

approval for a Kon detail


loafers and olaf
loafing is no way to celebrate an opening lets go somewhere with drinks

or we could just eat fish tacos

rosson picked me up the next morning to try to squeeze some fun into my last 3 hours in warm weather

i got to pereuse her new WHITE CUBE catalogue!
i didnt need to put that in caps probably because even white cube typed like that just sccreams at you doesnt it???



sorry these are hard to see and just maybe google white cube to see proper images

for people too lasy to open new browser window i will persist in posting these



wow beauty and brains!
rosson contributes an essay

iinfo for those that like info

neon pigments for those who need neon

stand oil cracks me up

rosson owns a victrola

one song per record, and you have to replace the needle after each song what??

some studio shots

she’s a grand old flag

shes a grand old rosson

i got to research some things “texan” in preparation for “Get a Rope”

she is going to make hats for her next show maybe insteada paintings? maybe to match them

hes a grand old Willie

this was at the taco stand
what does it mean?

couldnt go back to NYC without sampling some quality mexican

came home to every girlfriend’s worst nightmare, a MASTER CLEANSE

not me, patrick
patrick has 5 more days

of no food and only peppery lemonade

nude dance interlude!

ive been lookin through this to find some photos to suggest for Get a Rope also

maybe you guys can tell me which you think is best for texas!






put your money where your mouth is?

this guy?



“…is too tall for”



you tell me!
this is a great book by the way

what else?
this is again a long song sorry

patrick made a new zine to distract himself
debuting tonight at HEATHERS if you wanna come!

i found pee

aurel and i drank margaritas while patrick went home to have spicy lemonade and the runs

i peed

this morning: ooh breakfast!

oh no they meant chinatown breakfast of street lettuce

and bin cookies

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I am the owner of downtown contemporary art center THE HOLE! I am arts editor at i-D magazine I paint paintings and curate art shows all around

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