your breath is so minty

i told ben i was writing his press release with this but he didnt believe me

these all came in a box from my parents, late christmas p’s that pat had apparently purloined

hot burlesque opening for Liz Renay last night

Art Production Fund temp space on wooster opened Girls in the Art World comedy that it was too crowded to see

we, deitch, apparently got the space next door to use as our showroom, a 6mil condo filled with deitch art. can someone get me a key to this place? i have about 100 “young collectors” i wanna take over there

dogs + racks.’s only concession to baser human needs

Bambi the Mermaid the Liz Renay

pat also got me an encouraging ball thing that just tells me i’m thin and pretty over and over
its like when girls got those barbies that said “boy math is hard” over and over

doesn’t help with the missing him part
it is snowing here and what a horrible thing to be a girl alone when its snowing!

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