olé olé oleaginous

i figured out how to make diacritical marks
and i could hunt down the meaning i wanted for oleaginous, not oil like but rather fawning, smarmy, or best, UNCTUOUS

unc unc unc i like that prefix
can you tell that patrick is away?

i have no one to talk to but shop clerks still
today i talked to the lady i bought some soup from but then a million firetrucks pulled up next door and she left to look out the window

i think someone was jumping off the roof nextdoor?
maybe my imagination has just gotten too vivid

dont put the outhouse too close to the drinking well, right? im used to dumping all my brain trash on patrick and getting it out of the house

when are the photos when

that was a crazy introduction for this, this beautiful thing that all the graffiti peteys must have been anxiously waiting for

i should have given it a better intro than isolation anxiety

i think graffiti “characters” are hilarious. i mean they are terrible but in a cool way a kool way i mean

i am in his heart and on his wall

this is the hypothetical suicide

dont ask

interesting things pop up on facebook it is so nosy and snoopy it makes me uncomfortable. i dont want to know all the details it gives me

but i like the random photos poppin up

stuff stuff stuff
maybe there will be more photos and less blather tomorrow

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