lets go backwards
this is pat’s hot new leather jacket
i bought it for his birthday and it just arrived!
ebay sucks sometimes

vegan sammie schedule is BACK ON TRACK

sour gwapes!

sometimes patrick looks kinda hot and then other times he looks EXCEPTIONALLY hot

hey hey!
more hours of time wasting

sometimes pat really really looks like a craaze monkey

we went on a hot date on monday

to this cold place!

pat was all dressed up and is so elegant on ice skates so graceful and gentelmanly!

i was ladylike

we got to go to the only vegan restaurant we both unequivocably love called BLOSSOM
this is a pee cake

this was port wine seitan and filo something

this is when we got home and pat had left all our keys at ice skating and we waited so long outside until a guy next door let pat in the next door and he crossed roofs and just ran down to let his cold date in

a little adventure spices up any date though!

if you’ve had enough pat, come to DC with me!

here is blurry graffiti from train
it says SCREW and a few other things
outside philly, obv

fall from train is tres beau!

i feel i have taken this exact photo before…

bethesda was lovely

my mom has adopted some stray wild cats that had babies in a bin in our pool area

she likes the cat

the feeling is mutual

the cat could tell i was allergic and tried to attack me

cats love to stack

went to a Congreve play at the Shakespeare THeater, restoration farcical foppery

that wasn’t the title but it should have been

“the way of the world”

i dont think my dad liked it much but i dont think he could hear it much either



and ropery
and effrontery!

art is still going on

we will still open a show nov 6, 6-9pm

but for at least one day lets talk about something else!

this shape

last night was really exciting

its weird to have a president who talks like a human and makes sense and isnt terrifying and gross

its weird to be excited to watch the news instead of disaffected uninterested and depressed

its weird to have a president pronounce words correctly and feel like he knows the words he is using and that he wrote his own speech or at least had the mental capacity to

i was very excited last night as you can tell by these pictures, watching msnbc with some crappy bunny ears alone at home
i kept taking pictures of the TV i didnt know what else to do its a dumb impulse i must have taken 500 pictures of the dumb tv set

i had to stay in and not go out because i was too scared of whether obama really would win, and i knew if he did i would just cry cry cry

because its so exciting! it really feels amazing and makes you realize how shitty youve felt for 8 years

i cant wait to see how things go. i think everyone here feels… giddy and included and excited which is weird

i wrote in my notebook while i was trying to finish this article for i-D “my whole cluster of negative and cynical and disaffected misery is gone and it feels amazing”
its true!

i hope everybody feels this way
i think everyone i know does

stefan does

adek may not care

patrick is fairly happy
no i think pat is as happy as me

this fuckface at fox is bummed: while msnbc was running photos of all the happy people in chicago and old women crying and little girls cheering, the first thing fox said after the results were fairly final was “the majority of white people voted for john mccain”
seriously teh guy above just said that when i took his picture
its awesome that these turds get to shut up of ship out for four years at least
they showed a photo during the mccain concession speech of four tall suit-wearing young republican college boys crying
oh i would have loved to have gotten a photo of that
i would blow it up and put it on my wall
crying young conservatives
crying and peeing themselves and crying in fear and misery!

just kidding

Heavy manufacturing concern

day of the dead DOWN Kehinde opening
after this photo my camera pooped out

charged it by dinner at the gallery

making a mess at the table with slava and aurel, missin my pud

nikki and aurel
guess which toe is nikki?
then we went to the roof and slava told me this really craze story about a supermodel friend of his who fell on marble and smashed all her front teeth and told it in this really gruesome moving way about the fine line between glamorous partying and extreme raw horror and i cant tell any of the good parts for privacy’s sake but it was a story that really stuck with me

my litmus tree is turning!

im working on this dumb thing. it will look more like “art” in another day or so dont worry


good morning its time to vote!

assume the voting position

more on this sensitive subject tomorrow

kids on the street

men on the ledge

crap on the wall

but what is this?
it must mean patrick is home!

he painted all these things in LA and came home to me last night
i am so happy with how well his adventure went. i am so happy it is over!!!

weird, right?

things get weirder on this one

doing a comission means making the client happy

some other funny detailing

some funny accessories

i thought this was in the lady’s office but it was just in the paint store it turns out

he visited stefan’s house

rare aurel comission

remember ethier vagina face?

the only cool thing about this justin lieberman

is that it comes with a tray!



ding dong!

2/3rds of this picture that is

and jake called to say he is moving back to NYC!

look at this thing!
he is even bigger than the photo i posted on the last post!

spray suit


ill-advised snack combo

i think that about covers it
im going to the YMCA and then Terence’s ASS opening and then watching the fate of the world on TV
cross your fingers!!!!

Horny toes

last night was sponsored by hornitos wanna see?

the first halloweiner you see is always the best
this guy was really french
this is while i am still at work just walking over to 18 to give nikki a wine opener i mean the framing report i mean what is that supposed to mean?
framing report

they were working on framing

my favourite

but they were working on a bottle toO!

aurel and rachel and i walked from my house to canal and broadway to the party and a block from our destination, aurel realized she lost her boob somewhere
we walked back 10 blocks looking for her boob and she actually found it under a parked car
now that is the start of a great night!

the party was a million people outside and abby scholar working the door like a rottweiler

tall jesus had to leave

she got us in really fast (thanks abby!) but we couldnt really move around for the first hour

aurel was a blow up doll with an articulated butthole
that’s Lucien with the shiner who punched him this time?

the virgins played

this is a Clemente Dylan nikki thinks?

wilma x new jersey housewife?


this 5th element costume was good even though she got the wig wrong
girl boner!

more virgins

carrot and celery stick were ok except for the face part

sarah glick’s makeup was awesome

fuentes pistrami sandwich $9

this could have been my favourite costume but i couldnt see it all

by this time we are all lleno de tequila

lots of gross things around

just kidding

tim was good- there werent enough scary costumes. he was an alien trying to blend in but since he already looks like an alien it turned out more like an alien dressed as an alien trying to look human.


a-ron won best costume but i dont think the judges saw aurel

this girl was a good dancer
i dont remember dancing really except i remember that aurel and lucien knew all the words to the rap songs

besides tequila everywhere there were major tacos

eek eek eek!
patrick come home
you dumb gorilla

i biked to work this morning so i didnt get to examine what i assume is beautiful halloween street garbage and all you get in the instantaneous halloween garbage from last night

thanks this guy who is maybe carlos? and matt creed for throwing the party

what is the next holiday?
bring it on!

oh wait i wanna include nikki’s little godchildren who were the cutest michele and barack!
so cute oh man

annd speaking of cute kids, stefan dressed up as a dad for halloween
meet little Morris!

oh the cutest!
thank goodness he favours rosie!

let’s end in confusion, in honour of our hangovers: