Slag drag!

is a city in Norway.
and all this time i though it was “les autres”

we’ve had no internet at deitch for two days until just now
if you emailed me something important in the last 2 days please resend!

so this is what “expensive” vegan food looked like monday night

had dinner with ollie last night so i got to eat whatever i wanted at Lucien which was awesome
he is a “creative director” for the WB i mean at Warner Brothers

these are my new glasses by the way
i think they make me look less intimidating, no?
they make ollie look more drunk

so these two things you saw earlier

are for this!

it opens this friday for anyone in bay area

this blog is incoherent
im saving all my winning ways for Patrick’s big Birthday Bonanza tonight

i’ll leave you with this bitch, slaggin away in norway!

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