Blame Canada

recently walking home at stupid oclock on deserted grand street in chinatown literally silent empty for once, there was this one lone crab in the middle of the sidewalk looking dead whatever so like all dead things i had the urge to kick it but when i did it sprang back to life with its claws up going back and forth threatening me. it was the most depressing thing ive seen in recent years. i thought about putting it in water somehow but i couldnt pick it up, or carry it, or i mean what do you do with a sad helpless almost dead crab that managed to escape being sold boiled and eaten from the fishstalls there and is dying on the sidewalk at like 4am?

at least the fellow pictured above had expired quietly and hopefully peacefully on my neighbors doormat.

this is vaguely what it feels like to have bronchitis: i saw this jeff ladouceur drawing at Zieher Smith when fellow Canadienne Aurel brought/dragged me over there while i was deleriously sick. i really want the one thats in the Kramers Ergot 6 tho…..

speaking of Aurel:

bats aurel bats!

this drawing i saw at Other Gallery website in winnipeg um who made it? Erica Eyres.
i love it i mean ???? do i love it just because im hopelessly depressed and miserable? that always throws off my art eyes….

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