Elle a chaud au cul

christina does, that is

sunday i ended up walking around w burg for the first time since i used to live out there (lies) but no not lies slight exaggeration it’s been a long long while. clovis books is now a cheese store? exactly

i kept seeing old friends’ tags and wanting to take pictures of them
see above no wait the one above is new

i know it’s sorta dorky of me but just you try to stop me

i think i started getting on their nerves a little? this is christina writing TOENALE on this wall in ballpoint pen. i think she was trying to make fun of me…..

tepper and christina just wanted to relax and eat tofutti cuties and not go on graffitti williamsburg tour

christina was houseitting (>?) at a huge fancyperson loft that looked like this

rich people get to have pianos

and flowergardeny porchthings

and funny art (this isnt that bad, right?) (i kinda like it)

and- holyshit!

this was in the kitchen. the person who lived there had seen it at the biennial and was inspired to make her own. it would take someone with a doctorate in ethical underground to decide whether this was ok or not.

the cat had great eyes but drove me from the premisis sneezing and snotting

might as well walk home since no train goes to grand n ludlow

saw this from the bridge wait let me get closer

look at this fucking stupid ugly monster. its a fucking idiotmonolith. and we all thought the rivington hotel was an eyesore….

i, however, just ate a bunch of split pea soup and feel like a homunculous, which might be worse. actually i feel exactly like this:

im drunk off two beers from the studio visit i just came back from so i dont know whether i posted this or not

ben! did i frame that last drawing upside down or no??? i need answers people

oh! and i know i havent posted this yet: new matt leines death from above!

studio visit: eddie martinez

ready? we will go fast in a circle

ok now YOU GUYS pick one to buy; i am too drunk

patrick is up working on a presentation on photographic interiors so ive been sending him a bunch of Dash’s interiors. this, patrick kindly alerted me, is actually an exterior

in return i got these:

monkey, goat, golden gopher:
patrick is such an animal

lastly: im off to london so next installment will be art damage / the random loves
oh my!

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